Baby ESP helps you easily track your baby's activities (eating, sleeping, pooping and more) with your cell phone.

It's the only Baby Tracking app for Android you need!

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Baby ESP was created by a couple who needed help!

When we started developing the app, we were foster parents to a newborn boy and expecting our own 2nd child in just a few months. We knew we needed an easier, better method than written logs to help us understand our children and manage their schedules.

Baby ESP allows us to work better as a team. When one of us wakes up to take care of baby in the middle of the night, we grab the Baby ESP to see what baby might need so we don't have to wake up the other and ask questions about feedings. Baby ESP allows us to effortlessly share parenting responsibilities with a better understanding of what baby has done and what baby might need.

We feed both bottle and breast to babies that are only four months apart, so we love to the convenience and peace of mind of logging their activities quickly and seeing the results on their charts.

Because Baby ESP helps us better understand our babies' needs and schedules, we spend less time less on paperwork and more with our precious little ones.